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Novi Rizka Amalia M.A
Head of International Relations Department

Head’s Welcome

Assalamu ‘A’laykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

All praise is due to Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala (SWT), the Highest, the Ruler of the Worlds; May He Grant Prophet Muhammad (SAW), his family, and his upright companions peace and blessings.

Welcome to the website of the International Relations Department, I am happy to say.

In 2014, International Relations Department was established and has been accredited “B” with SK BAN-PT No. 2147/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/VIII/2018. The accreditation result has been a motivation to improve, to bring nearer a standard, and apply to what can be made better. This department has been empowered by numerous eminent scholars since its establishment.

The Department of International Relations offers undergraduate program that focuses on the processes and institutions between states’ decision making. In this program, the conventional knowledge of the discipline is imbued from the Islamic perspective in the spirit of Islamization of knowledge.

It is the only and largest International Relations departments in Indonesia with a unique curriculum, where Islamic perspective is taught alongside conventional knowledge, thereby producing students who are able to master International Relations discipline from a comparative perspective. Since 2018, the department has produced 275 graduates who are now serving in various capacities. The department comprises of the following two concentrations, the International Business and the International Security. At present, there are 12 educators who are experts in an array of diversified and specialized in subjects.  Some of us hold doctorate qualifications and many have received awards nationally and internationally, for the outstanding contributions in teaching, research, and community outreach.

Our students are taught to well equip themselves to analyze complex international issues, find solutions, conduct research, form rational arguments and contribute to decision-making at various levels. Further, it prepares the students to face the dynamic challenges of globalization. Besides imparting the conventional knowledge, we also ensure that the students are equipped with the right Islamic values so that their material strive would not in any way compromise their character and integrity. 

As a contribution to the society, the department offers constructive advice to public in almost all areas of with the direct involvement of not only the lecturers but also the graduating students, to enable them to real-life practice alongside their studies. This empowers the students to develop a range of transferable knowledge whilst helping the community.

As the Head, it is my hope, that together we manage to push the department to greater heights, strengthening each other all the way with full support and cooperation.

Wassalamu ‘A’laykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


Novi Rizka Amalia M.A



International Relations