jihad of the youth

Jihad of the Youth, What Can Be Done?

Killing and hatred are so painful for Muslim worldwide. In different places, we also witness hateful rhetoric around the world from all segments in the societies.

The youth have to find it in themselves to behave in the right way in responding to Ummatic issues, not only from those on the television screen and social media but also in personal lives. In a time like this, when there are much reflections and prayers among Muslims, there is an added strength in that reflection. Teachings of Islam are beautiful, pure and peaceful. The Prophet Muhammad SAW teaches us to pray for our enemies although, we admit it is hard. The youth have to reach for a noble goal; peace in the world, that as a human being has probably been absent, since then.

We are constantly reminded of the following verse in the Quran: “surely God changes not the condition of a people until they change what is in their hearts (13:11)”.

The Real Meaning of Jihad

Doing something like Jihad for a good cause is like an air to breathe. We need it along with prayers. Do not get it wrong; the current meaning of Jihad has been significantly distorted from its original meaning. For example, in the Cambridge dictionary, Jihad is interpreted as “an often violent effort by some Muslim people to defend their religion against those whom they believe in wanting to destroy it.” Instead, Jihad comes from an Arabic word meaning striving or struggling, especially with a praiseworthy aim including efforts toward the moral betterment of the ummahThe follow-up question is, what kind of Jihad the youth can do now?

Forms of Jihad

The answer could be “a lot.” The youth can start from talking to family, joining clubs and associations in the university, spreading da’wah to non-muslim for their enlightenment, inviting low-motivated friends to become the best version as a person, and listening to pearls of wisdom from Ustadz and Ustadzah. Moreover, they can also do many other fruitful things like teaching at mushalla and masjid, sharing good thoughts on Instagram and Facebook, engaging in collaborative works, attending halaqah and tahsin sessions, writing articles, helping those who are in need or even getting educated about local community issues.

All these are ways of jihad to make our prayers more meaningful. After all, in Islam, prayers not only describe rituals but encompasses everything one does to serve Allah’s creatures; people, animals, and environment. Speaking on the need for living harmoniously in the Ummah around the world, the youth have significant responsibilities toward Deen of Islam. Some other forms of jihad related to the youth may also be implemented. First, the intellectual jihad, to seek knowledge and skills. Second, the self-improvement jihad to improve self, physical, emotional, attitudinal, and spiritual domains. Finally, jihad to do good things to society as an agent of Islam.

Penulis: Ali Musa Harahap, B.H.S., M.H.S.

Editor: Wildi Adila, MA.

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